about pascal




Born and bred in Switzerland on a diet of cheese and chocolate, Pascal Berger grew to become half-competitive freediver, and half-designer.

After graduating from the University of Art and Design of Geneva, Pascal built a successful career as a designer since 2001, with yearly shows in Milan and mentoring of young design students.

In 2010 Pascal discovered freediving, which quickly became a real passion, especially for the depth disciplines where he enjoys the peaceful and quiet sensations of the deep blue. With clear strong abilities from the start, he progressed very fast and in a matter of years became the Swiss national record holder for all depth disciplines. His deepest record was set in 2017 in Variable Weight with a dive to -131m.

Taking the best of both worlds, in 2013 Pascal created OCTOPUS, committed to bringing top-quality, innovative and sexy specialized equipment to the fast-growing freediving community.

Testing his new products himself in the Blue Hole of Dahab during his training stints in Egypt, he then takes care of all the production, packaging and shipping back in his native Switzerland.