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Trusted by the best freedivers worldwide, Octopus has been making equipment since 2015 for everyone who loves well-designed, high-quality, efficient and innovative freediving accessories.

Our core and root values - innovation and passion - make up the foundation of our own design philosophy, a philosophy that reflects our drive to design products where all critical details are solved with the « Swiss » state of mind.
Our product development process is driven by extreme underwater use: we make products for some of the most demanding users in the world, our dedicated testers and ambassadors. When they are satisfied, we know that our products are good enough to use in the most demanding settings.
We believe in the heritage of craftsmanship. All our products are developed from start to finish in our prototype workshop in Geneva by Swiss designer and record-holder Pascal Berger (AIDA VWT -131m) . Our stock is also located there.
We strive to minimize our environmental footprint by continuously streamlining our production chain.
A long product life means the world to us. Thus, a new Octopus product is great, but a seven-year-old Octopus product is even better.

Swiss quality freediving accessories you can trust!