yellow bottom plate

yellow bottom plate

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This item comes with high postage fees for us due to it's shape, so unfortunately, we can not handle an order containing only one bottom plate. We would then be in deficit compared to our actual effective costs (production + real fee we pay for shipping). For this reason, we kindly ask you to have a minimum of 40 EUR cart (whitout shipping) if you order one bottom plate. For exemple add a safety stopper or an EQ tool. 


The most hydrodynamic Bottom Plate on the market 

Hydrodynamic shape to drastically reduce drag while pulling the plate up thanks to its compact shape and wide holes

• Ø 21cm,  yellow fluo plate for a great visibility underwater

• Quick and robust mounting system (3 Phillips 316 stainless steel screws)

• Weight: 140 grams 

• Material: ultra robust ABS (thermoplastic polymer, same as our line stopper)

Why is it better to train with a bottom plate? Get used to grabbing a tag during some of your training sessions. It will help you reduce the « tag stress » during your competitions by making this step « almost » automatic. 

It works perfectly with a 10 to 12mm rope. It is possible to use it with smaller ropes down to 8mm. 

Regarding the mounting process, the bottom plate is divided in 3 parts. A plate and a center structure (identical to our safety stopper). A simple knot is placed in its center, and 3 stainless steel screws (standard cross-head) make it easy to finish putting it in place. It is made out of ABS, a strong plastic used for example to make LEGOs: after all, we are just big kids playing in the water!    

The new OCTOPUS bottom plate: a simple and efficient design for an unbeatable quality!  

Designed and tested by Swiss record holder Pascal Berger (-131m VWT ).




What you need:

- A cross head screwdriver

- Ideally electrical tape (or any other tape)

- Ideally a cutter blade (or a very sharp knife or scissor)

Here a basic reel just to show you how hydrodynamic is our shape. Almost no resistance, going straight down! Video by Junya Kato