LIDIJA LIJIC noseclip_grey-blue limited color edition

LIDIJA LIJIC noseclip_grey-blue limited color edition

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99 units available only. 100% of the amount, 33 EUR, will go to Lidija to help her covers her fees to participate to the CMAS and AIDA World Championships this summer 2019!

Lidija currently lives in  Croatia and works as an architect. She is a member of Croatian apnea national team and freediving instructor. It's the kind of freedivers we would like to see more around: always with a smile, humble and of course talented! 

Records and awards:

5x World record
2x World , 2x European Gold medails
4 xWorld , 2x European Silver medails
Guinniess World Record in diving under ice
World record in highest dive / 4700m Himalayas
5 x Nomination for the best Croatian athlete/Croatian Olympic Board category of elite athletes/Croatian Olympic Board
Best athlete of city of Zagreb


The Octopus noseclip: a colorful mix of ergonomic design and high-quality components. Made of a robust polymer structure, two comfortable and replaceable elastomer nose-pads, a strong quality leash and with a range of funky colors to choose from. For many freedivers, already a new benchmark and the best noseclip ever designed! Already over 4000 units were sold around the world in the first year! Designed and tested by Swiss record holder Pascal Berger (-131m VWT ). Made in Switzerland, for a quality you can trust.